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The Process...

All electrical items are covered by our own guarantee. Sometimes things stop working and we're here to make it easy and simple to resolve the issue.

Let us know

You can report it to us here.

Report Faulty Product


We sort the paperwork

It doesn't take long.
We'll give you an RMA number.

We deal with the manufacturer on your behalf if necessary.


You send us the product

Remember to use a tracking postage method and mention any reference numbers we've given you.

Don't forget the original packaging and any product-related documents.


R | R |R

It's either a replacement, repair or refund. Yes in that order.

We'll let you know within a day.

Manufacturer Guarantees & Warranties

Manufacturer guarantees and warranties work in many different ways. Most manufacturers offer one year standard cover against defects. Some manufacturers prefer to deal direct with the customer when the item becomes faulty.

Our Guarantee will cover you regardless so rest assured about that.

Manufacturer guarantees and warranties lasting two years or sometimes a "lifetime" are handled directly by the manufacturer. The first year can only be claimed through our guarantee.

Once you've reported the faulty product to us (at step 1 above), we will automatically deal with the relevant processes with the manufacturer (at step 2 above) behind the scenes.

If the manufacturer requests us to refer you to them directly, we will provide you with the relevant details. This doesn't happen often.

Important Information

Please ensure you have reviewed and followed the information on this page before reporting to us.
  • Did you purchase the product within the last year?
    All guarantees apply for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Check that you still have the original packaging.
    This is important. If you don't have the original box the product came in then a repair would be the only option.
  • Check the plug.
    In most cases after nine or ten months the fuse needs replacing.
  • DO NOT try to fix it.
    If you try to get your item repaired by a third party you will automatically void your guarantee with us and with the manufacturer.

For the complete run down of our terms, please remember to have a full read of our Terms & Conditions.